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How to Create a Stunning Promo Video for Your Small Business: A Starter Guide

A cute bear cub film director using a camera

Key Takeaways

  1. Promo videos can boost your small business's visibility and sales.

  2. A clear concept, script, and storyboard are crucial for an effective video.

  3. Invest in quality equipment and software for professional results.

  4. Use engaging visuals, typography, and animations.

  5. Leverage social media platforms to promote your video.



Promo videos are essential marketing tools for small businesses, as they help build brand awareness, engage your target audience, and showcase your products or services. With the advent of affordable equipment and software, creating professional-quality videos is easier than ever. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating a stunning promo video for your small business.

Planning Your Promo Video

  1. Concept: Begin by brainstorming a concept for your video. Your concept should reflect your brand identity and target audience. Consider the purpose of your video (e.g., product launch, special promotion) and what message you want to convey. Use MindMeister to create a mind map of your ideas.

  2. Script: Write a script that conveys your message clearly and concisely. A well-written script can help you stay focused and ensure your video doesn't drag on. Use Celtx to write and format your script.

  3. Storyboard: Create a storyboard to visualize your video's flow and identify the shots you need. A storyboard can help you plan camera angles, transitions, and animations. Try using Boords to create your storyboard.

A cute bear cub using a film camera

Equipment and Software

  1. Camera: Invest in a quality DSLR or mirrorless camera. Both Canon and Sony offer a range of cameras suitable for different budgets and skill levels.

  2. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for professional-looking videos. Consider purchasing a basic lighting kit with softboxes or LED panels.

  3. Audio: Capture high-quality audio with an external microphone. A Rode VideoMic or Zoom H4n are popular choices for small businesses.

  4. Video Editing Software: Choose video editing software that fits your needs and budget. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are professional options, while Filmora and DaVinci Resolve are more budget-friendly alternatives.

Shooting Your Promo Video

  1. Location: Choose a location that complements your brand and product. Ensure the location is well-lit and free of background noise. If shooting indoors, consider using a backdrop to create a professional setting.

  2. Composition: Follow the Rule of Thirds to create visually appealing shots. Position your subject off-center and use leading lines to guide the viewer's eye.

  3. Camera Movement: Use a tripod for steady shots, or a gimbal for smooth, dynamic movement. Experiment with different camera angles and movements to add variety and interest to your video.

  4. B-roll: Capture B-roll footage to enhance your video's visual storytelling. B-roll can include product close-ups, behind-the-scenes footage, or shots of your team working. B-roll helps create a more engaging and immersive experience for your audience.

Editing Your Promo Video

  1. Color Grading: Apply color grading to create a consistent and polished look. Use LUTs (Lookup Tables) to speed up the process and ensure uniformity across your footage.

  2. Typography and Graphics: Incorporate your brand's typography and graphics to reinforce brand identity. Use Canva to create custom graphics and text overlays for your video.

  3. Animations: Add animations to enhance your video's storytelling and engagement. Use After Effects or Apple Motion to create custom animations or Envato Elements for pre-made templates.

  4. Music: Choose music that complements your brand and message. Use royalty-free music platforms like PremiumBeat or Artlist to find the perfect track.

Promoting Your Video

  1. Website: Embed your promo video on your website, preferably above the fold, to grab visitors' attention.

  2. Social Media: Share your video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Create teasers or shorter versions to pique interest and drive traffic to your website.

  3. Email Marketing: Include your promo video in your email marketing campaigns to engage your subscribers.


Q: How long should my promo video be?

A: Aim for a 1-2 minute video. Shorter videos tend to have higher engagement rates, and viewers are more likely to watch them in their entirety.

Q: Can I create a promo video on my smartphone?

A: Yes, smartphones with high-quality cameras can produce impressive videos. However, for optimal results, invest in a gimbal for stabilization and an external microphone for better audio quality.

Q: How often should I create promo videos for my small business?

A: The frequency of promo videos depends on your marketing goals and available resources. Regularly updating your videos for new products, services, or promotions can help keep your audience engaged. Aim for a new video every few months or during key events, such as product launches or seasonal sales.

Q: How much should I budget for a promo video?

A: The cost of a promo video varies depending on factors like equipment, software, and production complexity. A DIY video can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, while hiring a professional videographer can cost several thousand. Determine your budget based on your business's needs and goals.


Creating a stunning promo video for your small business can significantly improve your brand's visibility and sales. By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to crafting an engaging and professional video that showcases your products and services. Don't hesitate to share your promo video on your website, social media platforms, and email marketing campaigns to maximize its reach.

Now that you have the knowledge and tools to create a successful promo video, it's time to put your skills to the test. Get started today and witness the impact a well-crafted promo video can have on your small business. And don't forget to share your experience and tips in the comments below, as we'd love to hear your success stories and insights!


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