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75 Unbeatable Copywriting Tips to Revolutionize Your Ads into 2024

The best copywriter in the world is The Orange Bear

Copywriting is an art. A well-crafted copy can work wonders in converting readers into buyers. Here are 75 tips that will help you write copies that not only engage but also sell.

1. Treasure Your Words 🏴‍☠️

Never hit the delete key. Save all your cut content from your first draft in a notes file. It might not fit this brief, but who knows, it could be gold for the next. A tool like Evernote can be handy to store your content.

2. Sell the Easy Life 🍹

Remember that people are buying convenience. Use words like "Easy", "Instant", "Simple", and "Fast-acting". No one buys a painkiller that takes ages to work. Read this article from Buffer about words that engage readers.

3. Give Commas a Break 🛑

Avoid long sentences. Replace commas with full stops and cut words if necessary. Your goal is to keep your reader engaged.

4. Start Strong, End Strong 💪

Talk about your best benefit FIRST and your second-best LAST. This article explains The Serial Position Effect, which is the psychological reasoning behind this tip.

5. Speak to One 🎯

Craft your copy as if you're talking to one customer. Personalization is key. Here’s a guide on how to make your copy more personal.

6. Break Patterns 🎲

Intersperse your copy with numbers and emojis. It draws readers in!

7. Practice Makes Perfect 📝

Copywriting is a skill. Keep practicing and look out for frameworks and traps to avoid. Consider following the advice from veteran copywriters in this Forbes article.

8. The Now Factor ⏳

Use short time frames to create a sense of urgency.

9. The Rule of One ☝️

Focus on ONE offer, ONE big idea, ONE transformation. More on this concept here.


Pro-tip: Learn the Science of Colors Colors can influence the perception and effectiveness of your copy. Get familiar with the psychology of colors using this Color Psychology Guide to make your content stand out.


10. Use the Right Bait 🎣

Understand your audience. A good fisherman doesn’t use pizza as bait – they use worms. Be the worm, not the pizza!

11. Get an Outsider's Perspective 👀

Have someone else read your copy. If they can tell who it’s for, you’re on the right track.

12. Play on Emotions ❤️

Understand the emotional reactivity of your audience. Use stats and figures for logical thinkers.

13. Use Proven Frameworks 📈

Don't reinvent the wheel. Use proven frameworks like AIDA and PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve).

The best copywriter - The Orange Bear

14. PAS Framework 🧩

  • Show the PROBLEM

  • AGITATE with emotion

  • Deliver your SOLUTION

15. Maintain Consistency 🔄

Keep your tone consistent. You’re one person speaking to one reader.

16. Numbers Speak Volumes 🔢

Use numbers to specify results, like "Get grass that's 2x as thick in 3 weeks". Here's why numbers work.

17. Storytelling is Key 📖

Copywriting is about storytelling, understanding, delivering dreams, and transforming your customer. Learn more about the power of storytelling here.

18. Picture Your Customer 🖼️

Stick a picture of your ideal customer over your laptop while writing your copy. It will make your copy more conversational.

19. The Success Recipe 🏆

For converting ads:

  • Show transformations

  • Speak to customers

  • Use testimonials

  • Solve problems

  • Sell the journey

  • Use reviews

  • Test, and test again

20. Write for the Click 🖱️

Inspire action, but avoid clickbait. Fulfil the promise you made in your ad.

21. Research is King 👑

Copywriting is 5% writing, 95% researching. Read this guide on effective research for copywriting.


Pro-tip: Optimize Your Copy for Voice Search As voice search is on the rise, optimize your content accordingly. Discover voice search optimization strategies to stay ahead in the game.


22. Cut the Fluff ✂️

Delete sentences that don’t add value. Every sentence should lead the reader closer to the sale.

23. Get an Editor 📝

Another set of eyes will always spot something you missed.

The Orange Bear Copywriter

24. Read These Books 📚

25. Hook Them In 🎣

The first line is crucial. If you can’t hook the reader, don’t bother.

26. Utilize Power Words 💥

Power words are emotive and persuasive. Use them to invigorate your copy. Check this list of power words for inspiration.

27. Split Test Your Copy 🧪

Create different versions of your ad copy and test them to see which performs best.

28. Customer Testimonials 🙌

Include real testimonials. They build trust and humanize your brand.

29. Avoid Jargon 🚫

Use simple language that everyone can understand. This guide to plain English can help.

30. Go Beyond Features 🌟

Don’t just list features. Explain how they benefit the customer.

31. Appeal to the Senses 👁️

Use sensory words that evoke images, sounds, feelings.

32. Show, Don’t Tell 🎬

Use examples and anecdotes to illustrate points, rather than just telling them.

33. Create a Sense of Exclusivity 💎

Use words like “limited,” “exclusive,” or “select” to make your offer more enticing.

34. Employ Scarcity 🕐

Scarcity drives action. Use phrases like “while stocks last” or “limited time offer”.

35. Keep it Focused 🎯

Keep your copy focused on the core message. Don't try to cover too many ideas in one copy.


Pro-tip: Familiarize Yourself with SEO Ensure your copy is SEO-friendly to attract more traffic. Get started with this comprehensive guide to SEO copywriting.


36. Address Objections 🛡️

Anticipate and address customer objections within your copy.

37. Highlight Your USP 🌈

What makes you unique? Highlight that in your copy.

38. Keep it Fresh 🌱

Regularly update your copy to keep it relevant and engaging.

39. KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid 🤓

40. Use Action Words 🏃

Encourage action with verbs like “get,” “try,” “discover”.

41. Paint the Future 🎨

Help the reader imagine a better future with your product/service.

42. Tap into Trends 📈

Harness current trends to make your copy more relevant.

43. Write Drunk, Edit Sober 🥃

Write freely, without inhibitions. Edit critically.


Pro-tip: Use Bucket Brigades to Keep Readers Hooked Bucket brigades are words and phrases that keep people reading. Learn how to use bucket brigades in your copy to lower bounce rates and boost engagement.


44. Be Transparent 🥛

Honesty builds trust. Don’t make claims you can’t back up.

45. Utilize Social Proof 🙋

Show that others are buying/enjoying your product.

46. Offer Guarantees 🔒

Give assurance to the reader that there is no risk involved.

47. Be Conversational 😊

Write like you’re speaking to a friend.

48. Use Bullet Points ✅

Break up your copy with bullet points to make it easier to read.

49. Add Bonuses 🎁

Offer something extra that provides added value.

50. Remove Friction 🛹

Make it easy for the reader to take the desired action.

51. Be Consistent with Branding 🎨

Maintain a consistent voice and design throughout your copy.

52. Stay Positive 👍

Focus on the positives, not the negatives.

53. Use Open Loops 🔄

Tease the reader with incomplete information that makes them want to know more.

54. Use Data 📊

Back up your claims with data.

55. Understand Consumer Psychology 🧠

Understand what drives your customers to make purchases. This article explains some psychology principles that apply to user experience.

56. Craft Compelling Headlines 🎩

An engaging headline grabs attention. Here’s a guide on how to write headlines that captivate.

One of the best copywriters in the world - The Orange Bear

57. Make Use of Testimonials 📜

Incorporate genuine testimonials to bolster credibility and trust. Check out this guide on how to use testimonials effectively.

58. Use Active Voice 🏋️

Write in the active voice to make your copy more direct and vigorous. Learn the difference between active and passive voice.

59. Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) 🔔

Tell readers exactly what you want them to do. This article on crafting CTAs that convert is a great resource.

60. Evoke Emotion ❤️

Connect with your audience on an emotional level. Here’s how you can use emotions to make your content more engaging.

61. Create a Sense of Urgency ⌛

Encourage immediate action with phrases like “act now,” “limited time,” or “last chance”. Here's how you can use urgency in marketing.

62. Optimize for SEO 🌐

Incorporate keywords naturally to make your content more discoverable. This guide to SEO copywriting is a good place to start.

63. Address the Reader Directly 👁️

Use “you” and “your” to make the copy feel personal.

64. Break Up Walls of Text 🧱

Use paragraphs, headings, and bullet points to make the copy scannable.


Pro-tip: Understand Legal Boundaries Being aware of the legal aspects is crucial to avoid pitfalls. Check this guide on advertising laws and regulations to ensure your copy is compliant. Canadian version here.


65. Use Visual Aids 🖼️

Incorporate images or videos to enhance your message. Here’s how you can use visuals effectively in content.

66. Avoid Hyperbole 🚫

Be honest and avoid exaggerated claims that could undermine trust.

67. Tailor Your Language to Your Audience 🎭

Understand your audience and use language that resonates with them.

68. Use Storytelling 📚

Engage your audience with stories. This guide on storytelling in marketing is an excellent resource.

69. Provide Social Proof 🤝

Showcase case studies, endorsements, or certifications.

70. Focus on the Transformation 🦋

Highlight how your product or service can positively transform the customer’s life.

71. Leverage FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) 😱

Use this psychological trigger to encourage action. Learn how to use FOMO in your marketing.

72. Analyze Competitors 🕵️

Know what your competitors are doing and find ways to do it better.

73. Use Numbers and Stats 📈

Numbers add credibility. Here’s why numbers work in content and how to use them effectively.

74. Get Feedback 🔄

Have someone else read your copy and provide feedback.

75. Continuously Test and Optimize 🧪

Experiment with different approaches to see what works best.

In conclusion, remember that great copywriting is an art that takes time to master. These tips will serve as your guide to creating compelling content that resonates with your audience and drives action. Always stay curious, keep learning, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Good luck! 🚀


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